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-====== ​A Brief Information About Our Chair ======+====== Chair of Optics and Biophotonics ​====== 
 +The [[http://​en.sgu.ru/​|Saratov State University]] is one of the largest educational,​ scientific and cultural centers in Russia with many 
 +departments and research laboratory facilities supporting education and research in biophysics,​ 
 +medical and biochemical physics, biomedical optics and biophotonics,​ nanotechnologies,​ 
 +computer science, nonlinear processes, and materials science & bioengineering. The University 
 +campus is shared with Saratov State Medical University, which is affiliated with specialized 
 +clinics and hosts clinical research and investigation. 
 +R&D in Photonics and Biophotonics as well as educational programs are concentrated in two 
 +major SSU divisions: Chair of Optics and Biophotonics (COBP) and Research-Educational 
 +Institute of Optics and Biophotonics (REIOB). Around 60 research and faculty members of these 
 +two divisions are involved in photonics and biophotonics studies and education, including 10 full 
 +professors and 30 PhD and MD. Two student Chapters of SPIE and OSA are well operating on 
 +the basis of COBP and REIOB. 
 +COBP has a 63-year history. One of the first books on laser physics was published in 1964 by 
 +faculty members. The COBP’s faculty is well-known in the world due to numerous publications 
 +in international journals and a number of issued monographs, tutorials and handbooks on tissue 
 +optics and biophotonics. COBP provides bachelor, MS, and candidate of science (PhD) 
 +educational programs in //​Physics//,​ //​Biochemical Physics//, //Medical Physics//, //Physics of Optical 
 +Phenomena//,​ //​Biophysics//,​ //Optics//, and //Laser Physics// (see “Chernyshevsky Saratov State 
 +University” in //Optical Education//,​ //​International Directory of Programs in Optics//, SPIE & OSA, 
 +2008; www.opticseducation.org). 
 +REIOB was founded in 2004 to provide integration of research-educational programs of SSU 
 +into the global system of education and science in the field of optics, biomedical optics, and 
 +biophotonics,​ including basic and applied science and commercialization of the basic R&D. The 
 +institute consists of the following laboratories:​ //​Biophotonics//,​ //Optics of Dispersive Media//, //Optical 
 +Medical Diagnostics//,​ //​Spectroscopy//,​ //​Biomedical Optics//, and //Photonic Crystal Fibers and 
 +Biosensors//​ with the following major scientific directions: optics and spectroscopy of dispersive 
 +media; physics of optical measurements;​ laser and fiber-optic physics and technology; complex 
 +dynamics of optical systems and fractal optics; holographic measurements;​ interaction of laser 
 +and optical radiation with biological tissues and cells; complex dynamics and fluctuations in 
 +biomedical photonics; biophysical grounds of optical medical diagnostics and therapy; 
 +coherence and polarization-sensitive medical tomography; medical lasers, fiber-optical,​ photonic 
 +crystal fiber and light diode systems and sensors. 
 +REIOB and COBP have well-developed national and international links with more than 60 
 +leading research and educational centers in optics and biophotonics. Collaborative projects 
 +include R&D, publication of monographs, tutorials, handbooks, conference proceedings,​ and 
 +special issues of journals, organization of conferences and short courses sessions for 
 +postgraduate students, engineers, and medical doctors. 
 +In 2007 on the basis of REIOB and COBP and in the framework of Russian Federation Program 
 +“Innovative Universities” the //​International Research-Educational Center on Optical Technologies 
 +in Industry and Medicine// was created. 
 +SSU BP group is one of the pioneers in the field of combined reflectance/​fluorescence 
 +spectroscopy of various tissues, in particular human skin (see //Handbook of Optical Biomedical 
 +Diagnostics//,​ V.V. Tuchin (ed.), SPIE Press, Bellingham, WA, 2002). SSU BP group pioneered 
 +also the field of controlling of tissue optical properties using tissue impregnation by 
 +biocompatible optical clearing agents. Technologies of measurements and extraction of optical 
 +parameters of soft and hard tissues were designed by this group and many new and updated 
 +data for skin, fat, bone, mucous and some other tissues are summarized in the monograph 
 +(V.V. Tuchin, //Tissue Optics: Light Scattering Methods and Instruments for Medical Diagnosis//,​ 
 +2<​sup>​nd</​sup>​ ed., SPIE Press, Bellingham, WA, 2007). In collaboration with “Nanostructured Glass 
 +Technology,​” Ltd. (Saratov, Russia) SSU developed a polycapillary glass technology for 
 +producing of optical elements, including production of X-ray lenses, holey optical fibers, 
 +photonic crystal fibers, and substrates for biochips. The BP group also has a prolonged 
 +experience in designing and manufacturing of optical instrumentation for quantification of skin 
 +optical properties and color Together with the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants 
 +and Microorganisms RAS some pioneer results on designing of gold nanoparticle technology 
 +and their application to photothermal therapy and labeling and detection of blood components in 
 +circulating blood //in vivo// have been generated. Recently this group was among the first groups 
 +which provided gold nanoparticle trapping and imaging. 
 +In the last 13 years SSU holds the //Annual Multidisciplinary International School for Junior 
 +Scientists and Students on Optics, Laser Physics & Biophotonics//​ ([[http://​optics.sgu.ru/​SFM/​|Saratov Fall Meeting – SFM]]) 
 +in Saratov, Russia In the framework of this School a new Workshop on //Internet Biophotonics//​ 
 +was recently established. SSU BP group is a partner of the Center of Biophotonics Science and 
 +Technology (CBST) and the Canadian Institute for Photonics Innovation (CIPI).